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Onyx Solar is a business committed to the development of intelligent solutions for the sustainable integration of solar energy photovoltaic in buildings.

These solutions contemplate the integration of façades and ventilated roof façade as one of the principle constructive solutions designed by our equipment with the objective to optimize not only the production of energy but also to make important energy savings for the building.

ONYX SOLAR © is a company devoted to the design and manufacture of photovoltaic building materials, commonly known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

These materials not only generate electricity from the sun, but also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, natural lighting, and UV/IR filters in innovative, state-of-the-art designs.

Among the solar solutions that ONYX SOLAR © offers, the most popular include photovoltaic skylights, curtain walls and other façade systems.

Onyx has already completed some of the most innovative solar installations in the United States, such as the largest photovoltaic integrated skylight in the country at Novartis Pharmaceutical’s headquarters in East Hanover, New Jersey.

Onyx Solar has launched the first colored photovoltaic glass adapted to construction standards. From this moment on, photovoltaic energy can be integrated as any other building construction material, or combined with them into buildings.

There are 4 standard sizes and almost infinite possibilities of configuration in color and transparency. Therefore, Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass can be incorporated in any type of building: Curtain walls, façades, brise soleil, skylights… Even a PV walkable anti-slip floor, a solution developed by Onyx Solar which is already available in the market.

  • Smart green product: Photovoltaic integrated semi-transparent glass as tailor made solution. Main applications: skylights, ventilated facades, canopies, walkable roof, curtain wall and brise soleil. The photovoltaic constructive material developed by Onyx allows the customer to recover the money invested in its acquisition and installation with a payback time of 2 years. Comfort and safety are increased minimizing the amount of UVA and infrared radiations (filtered by the photovoltaic glass) which allows controlling efficiently the temperature of the building (optimizing the energy consumption of the building) without renouncing to the light provided for the semi-transparent photovoltaic glass. Available in different technologies, colours, thickness and sizes. One of the principal applications of this laminated glass is use as ventilated photovoltaic facade or roof for which a complete package of services and complementary products has been developed to facilitate the installation in any type of building.

Congratulations to Onyx Solar- MOST INNOVATIVE GLASS PRODUCT AWARD 2015 ! It has just been published the news giving them the Prize as the most innovative product of 2015.

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